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Arizona Candidate – D6
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Together, let’s bring the Power from Washington back to Arizona!

Sign My Ballot

The first step in the processes is getting Cast on the official Primary Ballot.

All Libertarians and Independents in AZ-District 6 sign the Ballot Petition
(You may need to change your party online to be able to sign my petition.

It is extremely import to understand that this movement prefers smaller donners as opposed to big-business and special interest donors. Because with huge donations, often comes big “dark” obligations. together lets bypass the corruption and support this campaign on the grassroots level, like we should have been doing all along.

Join the Movement

Volunteers: As the Campaign movement gain momentum, we are always looking for participants, volunteers, and committee/campaign members. Show your skills & dedication and let’s claim back Southern Arizona.

Vance Cast 5 Pillars

The 5 Pillars of Liberty & Justice For All:

Let’s talk about your needs as a citizen.

Let your voice be heard. I want to hear what you have to say.

Vance Cast
Vance Cast