About Me

I'm  Clifford "Vance" Cast, Libertarian candidate for Congress. I'm a moderate that believes defending our liberties, and supporting "common ground", the commonalities that I feel 90% of all Americans share. Whether you are an Independent, Democrat, or Republican, we are all Arizonans. Let us Join the Movement to bring the power from Washington back to our great state of Arizona.
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No Left, No Right.
Just Straight Ahead


My Mission

To understand and serve the citizens that want the same liberties our great nation provides. As such, I can work on common ground and quiet much of the partisan fighting. I believe 90% of us want the same things. We are just distracted by the vocal few that like to divide our nation.

I say: “No Left, No Right, Just Straight Ahead!”


My Goals

Reduce the unnecessary growth of Federal government by bringing back some of the power from Washington to Arizona. Arizona issues should be solved by Arizonans.

In addition, I will support US Congress in an overhaul in proper review of rules and regulations created by agencies so they are inline with the laws Congress passes.


Why Me?

Because Congress is the most important job in our US Constitution and it’s representatives should be hard working locals, who understand their states. The House Representative role is designed for short, hard terms, not for “career” politicians. Leave that to the Senators.

I am a Tucson Native, Army Veteran, Business Man. I am connected to my people.


Why Libertarian?

Because if I ran under any other party I would be subject to the Political Golden Rule. You know – “He who has the gold rules.” I feel I can serve Southern Arizona better if I don’t have special interest groups and big donators pressuring me to do things against my fellow Arizonans’ best interest. And, as such, I’m putting my own money where my mouth is in this campaign.


Loftier Goals?

Yes! I support Loftier Goals, Principles, and Values that most Americans want. I believe in rising above, and putting people before party. By acting as an ambassador to US Congress, I will facilitate constructive conversations, find common ground, and focus on what truly matters: the well-being of our great citizens of Southern Arizona.