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  • Israel has made its genocidal intent perfectly clear by defying the provisional orders of the ICJ to comply with its obligations under international law.
  • Since October 2021, it has either failed the flight test or scrubbed launches. Three years. The joint Army/Navy Dark Eagle Long Range Hypersonic Weapon, that despite the $8.3 billion in R&D invested in it have so far failed to successfully fire a […]
  • When you look at the larger disaster of American arms and readiness, all the services are in the hazard of being mission ineffective. The US Navy surface fleet has been an unmitigated building debacle with the Little Crappy Ships, Zumwalt class and […]
  • Israel is not a Western democracy. It’s a typical oriental despotism that does not share our values. Supporting them is against America’s national interests.

Liberty Nation

  • By Liberty Nation Authors Former President Donald Trump was in Washington, DC, last night, May 25, making his case to the attendees at the Libertarian Party Convention. In a break from his standard fare of Republican red meat, the presidential hopeful focused more specifically on issues of import to the crowd. But was it enough […]
  • By Andrew Moran Is it time to stop worrying about the war on cash and begin paying with your face? Over the past decade, the movement toward a cashless society has been gaining steam. In a climate hyping all things artificial intelligence, this world could be coming close to being realized. The War on Cash […]
  • By Liberty Nation Authors
  • By Liberty Nation Authors On this edition of Liberty Nation Radio, we tackle the palace intrigue in the Middle East, Trump’s supposed Day of Reckoning in NYC, and what’s happening to household wealth under Joe Biden.
  • By Sarah Cowgill Editor’s Note: From the Back Forty is Liberty Nation’s longest running and most popular weekly column.  Heartlanders were rudely reminded that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is continuing her blame game. The City of Chicago is preparing early for absolute chaos coming to town with the Democratic National Convention, and corporate-owned media is […]

Liberty Law

  • Staffan I. Lindberg of the V-Dem Institute joins Kristan again to wrap up the year's theme and discuss their most recent (as of recording) Democracy Report, which analyzes the characteristics of democracy and each country's movement toward democracy or autocracy.Staffan I. Lindberg […]
  • This podcast is drawn from a multi-part program the Center hosted on October 12, 2022 entitled The Movement to a Level Playing Field. This second installment features Professor Brad Snyder commemorating the 50th anniversary of the landmark Flood v. Kuhn case. After […]
  • This podcast is drawn from a multi-part program the Center hosted on October 12, 2022 entitled The Movement to a Level Playing Field. This first installment features David L. Crane speaking about how the ephemera of the Civil Rights Movement contributed to […]
  • Bay Fang, President, Radio Free Asia joins Kristan to discuss the challenges and importance of news reporting in and from Asian countries without strong press freedoms, including China, Cambodia, Laos, Tibet, and the Uyghurs. Bay Fang oversees award-winning journalism with the mission […]
  • For our 2022 Constitution Day commemoration, the Robert H. Jackson Center hosted Keith Plessy and Phoebe Ferguson to share how they have come together to advance justice. Keith and Phoebe are the descendants of the named parties in Plessy v. Ferguson, the […]
  • Leading experts on Ukraine and international criminal tribunals share their thoughts on how an international tribunal could be established to hold Russia accountable for its invasion of Ukraine and the atrocities being committed. This episode is drawn from a July 28, 2022 […]
  • Richard Overy, historian and prolific author, shares his thoughts on the interplay of the Nuremberg Trials with the allegations of crimes committed by Soviet soldiers during World War II. Professor Overy was the Robert H. Jackson Center's 2022 Al & Marge Brown […]
  • Professor Erica Goldberg joins Kristan to discuss free speech and the First Amendment, whether society's understanding of these rights have changed, the role truth (or knowingly making false statements) should play, and limits or guardrails.Professor Erica Goldberg teaches Torts, Constitutional Law, and […]
  • Dr. Katelyn Stauffer and Dr. Alex Badas join Kristan to discuss the importance of diversity in the judiciary, including how it impacts public perception of decisions and nominees.Dr. Stauffer is an Assistant professor in the department of political science and affiliated faculty […]
  • David Crane joins Kristan to discuss the international humanitarian law implications of Russia's invasion of Ukraine including the laws governing armed conflict and the possible paths to hold Russia's leadership accountable and provide justice to Ukraine.
  • Atiba Ellis joins Kristan to discuss voting rights laws, with a focus on how propaganda impacts trust in the system, and the roles politicians and voters need to play. Atiba Ellis is a professor of law at the Marquette University Law School. […]
  • This is the first episode of Season 2 and the theme for this year is Democracy on Trial. Staffan I. Lindberg and Kelly Morrison of the V-Dem Institute join Kristan to discuss democracy and autocracy around the globe. Each year, the V-Dem […]
  • The final installment of our Cold War Secrets Revealed seminar features Professor Arthur T. Downey. He speaks about his government experience and his book – The Cold War: Law, Lawyers, Spies and Crises.The Robert H. Jackson Center envisions a world where the […]
  • The third installment of the Cold War Secrets Revealed seminar features Nancy Thorndike Greenspan as the Al & Marge Brown Lecturer. She discusses her book Atomic Spy: The Dark Lives of Klaus Fuchs. The Robert H. Jackson Center envisions a world where […]
  • The second episode of the Cold War Secrets Revealed seminar features Eli Rosenbaum. He shared stories from his work as the director for the U.S. Department of Justice Office of Special Investigations, which was primarily responsible for identifying, de-naturalizing, and deporting Nazi […]
  • The first episode of the Robert H Jackson Center Cold War Special, Counsel General of Germany in New York, David Gill shares his perspective growing up in East Germany, the changes that occurred after the Berlin Wall fell as Germany reunified, and […]
  • We honored the completion of the 75th Anniversary of the Nuremberg Trials with a special one-hour program: 75 Years Since the Nuremberg Trial: What it Was and Why it Matters, in partnership with the Harry S. Truman Presidential Library & Museum and […]
  • Join Kristan and the women from the Center for Democracy and Technology as they discuss equity issues in technology. Listen as they about technology accessibility and how socioeconomic status, abilities, and race and ethnicity impact tech equity. Panelists include: Avery Gardiner, General […]
  • Join Kristan as she talks to Navi Pillay, the former United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, discussing human rights during a pandemic. Ms. Pillay has focused on human rights for much of her storied career – defending anti-apartheid activists, acting as […]
  • Join Kristan in this re-broadcast of our August 2020 interview, What is Justice?, while also asking Enumale Agada to give us an update on The Justice Initiative, a pilot project she oversaw between the Systemic Justice Project and the Thurgood Marshall Center […]