We are on a mission to represent Southern Arizona with I support Loftier Goals, Principles, and Values that most Americans want. We call this a prescription for Liberty (PolicyRx)

Each of my policies fall under

The 5 Pillars of Liberty and Justice for all

The 5 Pillars of Liberty and Justice for all

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Reinforcing State Authority

In the first pillar, we embark on a journey of reinforcing state authority, understanding that our states are the laboratories of democracy. By conducting a comprehensive review of state and federal powers, we can identify areas where the balance has tipped too far towards centralization. Strengthening the Tenth Amendment, that emblem of state rights, becomes our beacon guiding us towards a future where states retain the power to govern their people in ways that align with their unique values and needs.


Economic Freedom

The second pillar, economic freedom, is a testament to the belief that prosperity and liberty go hand in hand. Pro-entrepreneurship policies will nurture the small businesses and startups that are the lifeblood of our economy. As we peel away the layers of market regulations, we uncover a landscape where fair competition thrives, and innovation is celebrated. Access to capital becomes not just a distant dream but a reality, empowering every aspiring entrepreneur to chase their ambitions fearlessly. And by investing in workforce development, we equip our people with the skills they need to flourish in an ever-changing world.

1st amendment

Free Speech Boundaries

Within the third pillar, we confront the challenge of defining free speech boundaries. Freedom of expression, a pillar of democracy, must be safeguarded, but not at the expense of harming others. By establishing clear guidelines for protected speech, we create a nurturing environment for civil discourse, where opposing views are embraced rather than vilified. We combat misinformation not through suppression, but through education, empowering our citizens to be discerning and critical thinkers. And as we navigate the vast digital landscape, we champion the accountability of online platforms, ensuring they remain places of open dialogue, free from manipulation and censorship.


Safeguard Individual Liberties

In the fourth pillar, we turn our attention to safeguarding individual liberties. Privacy rights become a sacred space where each individual is free from unwarranted intrusion. Our criminal justice system is reformed to embody the true essence of justice – fairness, impartiality, and equality. Securing Second Amendment rights is not a call for discord, but an acknowledgment of the need for responsible gun ownership. Our drug policies are redesigned with compassion, prioritizing public health over punishment. And we embrace education choice, recognizing that empowering parents and students in their educational journey leads to a brighter, more informed society.


Civil Engagement

Lastly, the fifth pillar champions civic engagement, the lifeblood of our democracy. Transparent campaign finance ensures that our elected representatives are truly the voices of the people. As we engage citizens in civic affairs and public service, we cultivate a sense of ownership and responsibility, nurturing leaders who represent the diverse tapestry of our nation. Strengthening local governments, we empower communities to shape their destinies, acknowledging that true change begins from the ground up. And as we build bridges of understanding, we open doors to fruitful conversations that transcend boundaries, enriching us all.

Policies & Platform

Currently this is the outline of specific policies. Please monitor this section as we continue to update the details.

Government and Congress

Change paradigm of polarization and partisanship to process and progress

Campaign Finance Reform

Disabilities Policies

Disabilities Policies

Online Extortion Bullying


My father is a 1st generation Roman Latin immigrant, from Sicily.





State legislative issue and no longer in the purview of the office of Congress

Gun Control

I want to protect the continued freedom not limit it.

Development and Infrastructure

Gun Control

What We All Want in Middle Class

  • Good Jobs
  • Neighborhood Safety
  • Great Schools