Democrats, Republicans, & Arizonans

Just examine the Great Seal of Arizona!

What does it say?


Like me, Embrace your Latin heritage and learn about your great state.

Arizona First! Arizona is the proud icon state of liberty and freedom.

There is plenty of room for Democratic Liberals and Conservative Republicans, but remember, we are all Arizonans.

We have a deep culture that is unique to our territory. We have Food, drink, language, and customs unlike anywhere else in America. We are Arizonans!

For too long we can’t get anything done because the fights that happen between the extremes left and the extreme right make the career politician afraid to lose their seats in Congress, on committees, and even in the courts.

Let’s examine what a liberal and conservative really are and how they are mostly fighting over the same desired outcome. Then realize, that a non-career politician like myself can be the ambassador in Washington that bridges the gap and helps Arizona achieve the forward momentum it has long needed.

Some Well Documented Issues

We are one of the few states with open carry. After every mass shooting that occurs across the country, knee jerk reaction happens. A fight breaks out between people who blame the guns and people who what to protect our 2md Amendment Rights. Nothing ever gets resolved. Let’s look at Arizona that has one of the most liberal policies in the US.

How does Arizona rank in gun violence?
Every year, an average of 332 people in Arizona die by gun homicides and 370 are wounded by gun assaults—a rate of 4.8 homicides and 5.1 assaults per 100,000 people. Arizona has the 28th-highest rate of gun homicides and gun assaults in the US. In Arizona, 72% of all homicides involve a gun, compared to 76% nationwide.

This puts Arizona, with some of the most liberal carry laws in the middle of the pack. This demonstrates that there isn’t necessarily a direct correlation between liberal gun carry policies and increased gun violence’s proportionally.

Note: s data is from and is an agreeance with our research. Be careful because some groups will include suicides in their gun violence data, which inappropriately changes the scope and confuses the real issue.

We all want safer streets and we all want liberty and freedom. Both sides agree. But our political alignments and stances don’t make common sense. Taking the gun violence issue as an example, the “liberals” argue to be less liberal on the gun carry laws, They feel that less liberty will increase safety, so the liberals fight to reduce our liberties and freedoms. While the “conservative” fight for liberal policies to ensure the conservation and preservation of our constitutional rights and civil liberties. The rights and liberties that the States and its citizens are required to adopt and maintain according to our US Constitution.

This seems a bit backward. This is two parties want the same thing but are afraid of expressing the truth, and are afraid to align with their own policies. They feel the common citizen wont understand. This has always been insulting to me.

What is the answer for Arizona? We need to realize that two strongly opposing views create arguments that are unwinnable. There are many emotional topics like gun control, abortion, immigration, border security, health care, and taxation. Through a good understanding of what the liberal argument is and what the conservative argument is, we can create compromise to reach the objectives of both.

The fact is, both sides want essentially the same things, but they argue as to the causes on not getting them and the solutions to get them. These argument distract from the solutions.

Compromises is how you find solutions. Give and take. Honesty.

Ad a non-carrier position, again I can help close that gap and create dialog that leads to compromise that procures results that everyone will be happy with.

Democrat or Republican, we are all the basically the same in our desires for SECURTY, OPPORTUNITY, and LIBERTY.

The balance that is necessary to strike compromise involves personal responsibility and accountability.

The result of previous scared, pandering politicians are crime ridden streets of Tucson. Every place we go stores are riddled with daily theft. Every stop you make along your daily routs is suffocated with determine, aggressive beggars.

I love charity! But charity needs to come from business owners and other successful people. It should don’t come from a government that regulates and taxes businesses out of business.

The police force needs to be reorganized and retrained and guided by policies that protect the citizens from being targets of opportunity. Men need to have the authority to protect their property and family from thieves and violence without the fear of being judged when the aggressors escalate the situation.

Security will never come if we continue to regulate and create policies that create victims instead of empowering the strong men and women of our community.

Abraham Lincoln was the first Republican party president. Look to his person as an example of liberty. His policies were some of the most liberal policies for the people that ever existed.

In todays world, President Lincoln may be considered quite Libertarian. His seemingly “crazy” ideas of liberty moved our nation forward.

“that these dead shall not have died in vain– that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth”

– U.S. President Abraham Lincoln, The Gettysburg Address, November 19, 186

For those of you who don’t see the connection and h ow aligned Demarcates and Republicans truly are is because your vision is taken away buy the fighting of the two sides.

Just read the Gettysburg Address then read the great seal of Arizona, and no matter your faith or non-faith, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What liberties, freedoms, and opportunities do want to extend to my children and the future?
  2. Am I willing to elect a True Ambassador to work with the career-positions to find compromise so everyone gets the outcome they want?
  3. Am I happy with the current street of Tucson. The fighting about the border, the declining Police and public servant services.
  4. Am I willing to join a town-hall meeting and voice may solutions, or at least vote for a congressman the will represent me?

Before you examine those questions realize that I am a Latino Native of Tucson (1st generation Roman Latin paternity). I have fought my way to the top over decades of work and grave mistakes to mold my successes.

In my family, I have “dreamers” living Mexico that cannot return to the US, despite the fact they spent their entire childhood in an Arizona schools system.

I knw the issue, I have lived for over 5 decades. And I know the solution starts with Ambassadorship within Washington. But it will take my constituents to help make it happen.

Let me represent my District the way the system was designed and the way President Lincoln envisioned when he liberated American.

Do you want to be responsible and take the time to think your future through?

No matter how you vote, you are a fellow citizen and I wish you life to be Enriched through the liberties afforded by the founders and leaders of our great nation.!

Peace be with you,


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