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Are You on the Liberty Spectrum?

Vote Vance Cast for US Congress Arizona

NOTE: If you are a Democrat or a Republican, be proud. If you are conservative or liberal, let it be known. My mission is to introduce you to how the dogmatic views and arguments over semantics are holding us back…

Democrats, Republicans, & Arizonans

Democrats' Republicans' Arizona Vance Cast

Just examine the Great Seal of Arizona! What does it say? “DITAT DEUS” Latin for “GOD ENRICHES” Like me, Embrace your Latin heritage and learn about your great state. Arizona First! Arizona is the proud icon state of liberty and…

What is Liberty?

Vote Liberty - Vote Cast - Arizona US Congress

Liberty is what I live and breathe. I am a native Tucsonan and have lived the issues of my community for over 5 decades. You may have discovered a common theme to my posts throughout the years. I talk about…