What is Liberty?

Liberty is what I live and breathe. I am a native Tucsonan and have lived the issues of my community for over 5 decades.

You may have discovered a common theme to my posts throughout the years.

I talk about liberty versus control, or in modern, mixed up confusing terms – Liberalism versus Conservativism.

As a veteran I learned the value of loyalty to my family, community, country, causes, and ,yes, even to myself.

As an American and mores as an Arizonan, we value liberty, and opportunity. But with liberty comes responsibility to not tread on the toes of others who also want their own liberties.

We make laws to “protect” those who can’t protect themselves, to protect our borders, property, lives, and opportunities.

The roles of Conservatives and Liberals often become blurred. The fact, is we all want pretty much the same thing, we just argue about how to get it. To make matters worse, often career politicians, whos main job is often to keep their job, make poor efforts to advance the agenda of the people.

I am not naïve to think I can change this. I know they have a balance to strike, often beyond what they thought when they first entered office to serve the people. But as an independent representative I can offer myself as an Ambassador who doesn’t have to worry about disloyalty to my party. I just have to worry about the true need of my constituents and serve them loyally, the best I can.

I know I am going to get beat up about all kind of things I cant even imagine yet. So be it. My past will come into play. People will see that over 20 years ago I was convicted of drug possession. They will talk about all kinds of things that they know nothing about. They will make assumptions about me without asking. They will attack my credibility any way they can. But the truth is I believe in Liberty. I served in the military for the liberty of this country. And I conduct all of my personal business in an ethical manner that has served to make me so successful I can help others on a daily basis find and accomplish their dreams.

So, what is this liberty I talked about? And what do you need to know to successfully balance it in modern society?

Liberty: Balancing Personal Responsibility and Conservative Constraints

In a world characterized by political polarization and division, it is imperative to remember that both conservative Republicans and liberal Democrats share a deep-rooted desire for freedom, liberty, and opportunity. Despite their differences in policy approaches, the common thread of liberty unites these seemingly opposing factions. I aim to shed light on the importance of balancing liberty with personal responsibility and conservative constraints, highlighting how these principles can converge to create a stronger society for all.

Understanding Libert

At its core, liberty encompasses the freedom to pursue one’s aspirations, make choices, and exercise individual autonomy. Both conservatives and liberals advocate for various aspects of liberty, albeit with divergent emphases. Conservatives often focus on economic liberty, promoting free markets and limited government intervention, while liberals emphasize social liberty, advocating for equality, justice, and individual rights.

Personal Responsibility

While liberty grants individuals the freedom to make choices, it also carries the weight of personal responsibility. Conservative Republicans recognize the importance of personal responsibility as a critical component of liberty. They argue that excessive reliance on government intervention stifles personal growth and undermines individual liberty. By embracing personal responsibility, individuals can forge their own path, seize opportunities, and contribute to the betterment of society.

Conservative Constraints

Conservative constraints serve as a framework to ensure that liberty remains balanced and sustainable. These constraints arise from the understanding that freedom must be tempered with prudence and respect for tradition. While conservative Republicans advocate for limited government interference, they also acknowledge the need for regulations and constraints to maintain social order and prevent the erosion of societal values.

The Role of Government

To strike a harmonious balance between liberty and conservative constraints, government plays a pivotal role. Conservatives argue for limited government, recognizing that excessive regulation can impede individual liberty and stifle economic growth. However, they also acknowledge the necessity of a well-functioning government to ensure the rule of law, protect individual rights, and provide essential services such as national defense and infrastructure.

Education and Opportunity

Both conservatives and liberals understand that liberty cannot thrive without equal access to education and opportunities. While their approaches may differ, the underlying goal of empowering individuals to achieve their potential remains the same. Conservatives often emphasize individual effort, hard work, and the importance of entrepreneurship, while liberals prioritize investing in education, social safety nets, and programs that promote equal opportunities for all.

Common Ground

It is crucial to recognize that conservatives and liberals share the goal of a society that upholds individual liberty and provides equal opportunities. By acknowledging these shared aspirations, both sides can find common ground and work towards solutions that balance personal responsibility and conservative constraints.

Promoting Dialogue and Collaboration

To bridge the gap between conservative Republicans and liberal Democrats, open and respectful dialogue is essential. By fostering conversations that focus on shared values and common goals, both sides can realize the potential for collaboration. Finding areas of agreement on policy issues that promote liberty and personal responsibility can lead to constructive and effective governance.

My Voice

Liberty stands as a unifying principle for conservative Republicans and liberal Democrats, despite their differing policy perspectives. Balancing liberty with personal responsibility and conservative constraints is essential for the prosperity and progress of any society. By recognizing the inherent interconnectedness of these concepts and promoting dialogue and collaboration, both sides can work towards a society that ensures freedom, liberty, and opportunity for all its citizens.

To help bridge this gap we need Ambassador to Congress in Washington.

I am that man, Vote Vance Cast for US Congress

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