Out of the Shadows: The Power of Decriminalizing Drugs

Breaking the Chains: The Dance of Criminalization and Decriminalization In the murky realm of drug policies, two opposing forces have long battled for supremacy: criminalization and decriminalization. While criminalization has dominated the stage for decades, a growing chorus of voices demands a change in tune. But what exactly do these terms mean? Drug criminalization refers…

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The Rankness of Ranked Choice Voting – By Vance Cast

Vance Cast - Ranked Choice Voting

Vance Cast – Ranked Choice Voting The Rankness of Ranked Choice Voting (RCV): Don’t Be a Fish in the Election Pond Old timers say, “Stupid fish are caught on shiny new lures and rank-smelling bait.” In the world of politics, Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) appears to be the latest shiny lure promising fairer elections and…

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Twisted Ethics: Exposing the Immoral Games of Cross-Party Voters

Vance Cast- Article on Ethics

Clifford Vance Cast- Article on Ethics Twisted Ethics: Exposing the Immoral Games of Cross-Party Voters I continually find myself appalled by the audacity and gaslighting tactics employed by certain individuals in our political landscape. It seems that honesty and integrity have taken a backseat, replaced by a new breed of individuals who have conveniently forgotten…

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The Federal Registry Exposing the Secret 4th Branch of Government?

Federal Register Vance Cast

Revitalizing the Regulatory Landscape: Empowering Congress and Enhancing Public Participation through the Federal Register The effective functioning of a democratic government relies on the distribution of powers and responsibilities among its branches. In the United States, Article 1, Section 1 of the Constitution grants Congress the authority to make laws. However, the implementation of these…

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Are You on the Liberty Spectrum?

Vote Vance Cast for US Congress Arizona

NOTE: If you are a Democrat or a Republican, be proud. If you are conservative or liberal, let it be known. My mission is to introduce you to how the dogmatic views and arguments over semantics are holding us back as Arizonans. You have the freedom to vote for a true Ambassador to Washington that…

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Democrats, Republicans, & Arizonans

Democrats' Republicans' Arizona Vance Cast

Just examine the Great Seal of Arizona! What does it say? “DITAT DEUS” Latin for “GOD ENRICHES” Like me, Embrace your Latin heritage and learn about your great state. Arizona First! Arizona is the proud icon state of liberty and freedom. There is plenty of room for Democratic Liberals and Conservative Republicans, but remember, we…

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What is Liberty?

Vote Liberty - Vote Cast - Arizona US Congress

Liberty is what I live and breathe. I am a native Tucsonan and have lived the issues of my community for over 5 decades. You may have discovered a common theme to my posts throughout the years. I talk about liberty versus control, or in modern, mixed up confusing terms – Liberalism versus Conservativism. As…

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Today at the border

From the Texas Tribune Unanimous Texas Senate supports death benefits for National Guard serving along southern border BY JAMES BARRAGÁNMAY 19, 2023 The legislation was named for Bishop Evans, who drowned last year trying to rescue migrants in the Rio Grande. FULL STORY 

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